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The Black Tie Dress Code For Women

formal dresses for black tie event

Black-tie attire is a dress code reserved for formal evening events. Guests commonly choose floor-length gowns and suits or tuxedos when attending a black-tie event. Choose an elegant plus size black-tie dress for a special event at night or a sophisticated gown for an upscale afternoon event.

formal dresses for black tie event

Just as a tuxedo features a matching jacket and pants, except in the case of warm weather Black Tie, your suit should also feature a jacket and pants and an optional waistcoat that are all cut from the same cloth. When worn with an elegant French-cuffed shirt, cufflinks are an excellent accessory for a Black-Tie Optional occasion. They can be silver, gold of any color, or any other solid-colored metal, and they can also feature designs and some conservative stones.

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In addition to providing clarity and self-confidence, prescribed attire also helps to generate a sense of occasion. Combined with a specific code of conduct it fashions a social ritual that elevates one type of happening above another. Unfortunately, this fact is increasingly evident in today’s world as the once noble quest to end aristocratic snobbery manifests itself in a growing culture of democratic slobbery. Your guests will probably prefer if you select a more clear dress code.

When you consider that a new machine-made kilt will cost around £400 (roughly $535) compared to £500 (roughly $670), the £100 isn’t as large a leap relative to the total price. If those prices seem rather high, I will discuss less expensive options a little later. To create a full kilt outfit, we advise going straight to the source and buying directly from a trusted kilt retailer. Ideally, you would visit in person but that isn’t always possible and as such most retailers have a robust online system. Many of these retailers also do bundle deals when you buy a full outfit which helps to lower the cost as kilt outfits can quickly get expensive.

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Also, try to match your medals at an event like this to achieve the pinnacle of understated elegance. 75% silk, 25% cotton socks hand-finished in Italy, designed to never sag and to always appear elegant thanks to their over-the-calf design. A smooth silk tie would be most formal though a tie with a bit of texture can work as well, perhaps something in a shantung silk or a wool grenadine, for example. Similarly, you should try to avoid patterned shirts as well and instead again go with plain, solid colors.

formal dresses for black tie event

It was good enough for Cary Grant and it’s good enough for us. You could opt for a bibbed shirt if you want to go completely traditional, but we wouldn’t say it’s essential. A smoking jacket in velvet may be subbed in and, in recent years, fashion has experimented with different colours and materials to either update or sully the classic style, depending on your point of view. If you do experiment, muted colours and materials will almost certainly age better than anything too bright. There is no room for novelty in black tie, no space for ‘personality’.

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A black bow tie, black vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes are also suggested. For summer weddings, a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers are also acceptable. Classic long plus size black-tie event formal dresses that hit the ankle or fall to the floor test the standard of time. Opting for the simplicity of a solid evening gown in a sensational fabric such as Mikado satin or taffeta shows elegance but can also include a modern flair.

formal dresses for black tie event

In fact, this is the more traditional choice for black-tie suiting. There have been a few cases made for deep earth tones or charcoals, but these can be tricky given the formality of the affair. Grounded by black pants, a dinner jacket in an interesting texture or tone can look quite dapper. A dinner suit is also acceptable for black-tie wedding attire.

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There is also a selection of doublets that are inspired by the military and as such are very strongly structured with two rows of buttons running the length of the jacket. These are difficult to come by but the Sherrifmuir is readily available and is worn open with a matching squared bottom waistcoat. They both feature self-faced notched lapels, epaulettes and two buttons but you shouldn’t button your jacket when worn with a kilt.

formal dresses for black tie event

Pair your cocktail dress with sleek heels, gorgeous jewelry, and an elegant clutch so the overall look is formal. The right accessories are key to taking your black tie evening look to the next level. Let your dress be the centre of attention and keep accessories classic and minimalistic – think a glittering diamond tennis necklace, chain of pearls and simple drop earrings. Complete your outfit with a pair of strappy heels and a small clutch bag. A glowing makeup look and loose, voluminous waves or an updo are the ideal finishing touches that pair perfectly with almost any outfit. The only Texan tuxedo you ever need to know about is Tom Ford’s.

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