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Kids Halloween Costumes & Dress Up

kids black dress

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kids black dress

Hansel and Gretel are known for smartly outwitting the wicked blind witch to save themselves and other kids trapped in the gingerbread house. A fairy tale theme is just what you need to make your costume party for kids fun. Here are a few fairy tale costume ideas for children.


Formal attire topped with a white coat and a stethoscope is all you need for a doctor’s costume. Cartoon characters are also popular fancy dress ideas for pre-schoolers and middle-schoolers. If you need ideas to make your toddler or pre-schooler’s costume a hit, go for the classic Disney character costumes.

kids black dress

Many schools conduct this event on an annual basis. One of the first hand-held video gaming devices, the Nintendo Gameboy is an excellent fancy dress option. If you plan to go with this, you will have to create the costume using cardboard and paint, for the ready-to-use Nintendo Gameboy costumes are hard to come by. Dress your kid up like a doctor and act like one on stage for a fancy dress competition.

Sequin Crossover Dress

These are not easy to make, so you may have to hire or buy them for the event. Abraham Lincoln was America’s 16th president who abolished slavery. He is one of the favorite personalities that kids dress up as for costume parties and fancy dress competitions. When your kid is participating in a fancy dress competition, it is good to pick a celebrity or a famous personality costume for points. When your kid is dressed like a famous person, he will get a chance to imitate the person and also speak or sing like them to impress the judges. You can buy one or rent one for the school event or a fancy dress competition.

The only additional accessories you will need are a wig and a mustache. You can create a bag of jelly beans that your child can wear. To make the bag, you will need a transparent trash bag and balloons of different colors, blown enough to look like jelly beans. Cut holes in the trash bag for your kid’s arms and legs to go through.

BALMAIN Kids Black Monogram Slides

Angelica is the female pirate who joins Jack Sparrow on his voyages. She wears a white top with a vest, a corset and a black/dark brown leggings, black boots and a hat. You’ll also need a toy cutlass to go with the personality. Winnie the Pooh is the adorable bear and Tiger is his good friend from the popular TV series Winnie The Pooh. For both these characters, you will need to buy or hire the costume.

kids black dress

The Joker is Batman’s nemesis in one of the comics. He has his face painted like a joker and wears a purple suit. Making a Joker costume is very easy if you have face paints at home. Turn your little boy into the most charming prince ever with a cool prince’s costume. You can create your prince charming costume at home with a cloak made from a velvety cloth, and a dagger and crown made of cardboard. Add a short dialogue to the costume and your little prince is ready to save his damsel in distress.

Want to give your kid the reins to the TV, make him a TV remote. A cardboard box, paint to create buttons and tape is what you will need to make this costume. The best part of fancy dressing is that you can be any “thing” you want. Here is a list of gadgets your kid can dress up as.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most imaginative pieces of work ever written. A blue bow to keep the hair in place is what you will need to complete this costume. Blackbeard is the fictional pirate who wears all that is black. A black pant and shirt with a vest, and a gray colored overall coat and riding boots, hat and a cutlass are what you need to complete the attire.

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