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What Is The Mailing Address For Windsor Castle?

is there a dress code for windsor castle

Although there are many places to stay in Windsor, a day trip from the Capital can be done if that is where you are based. Ownership of Windsor Castle is held by the current monarch of the time - in this case it means that it is owned by Queen Elizabeth II. This is situated on the motte that was formed from the soil that was dug out of the ditch that was originally built around the castle. By Rail - Both the train stations serving the town, Windsor and Eton Central and Windsor and Eton Riverside are approximately a 10 minute walk from the castle. Trains arriving into Central depart from London Waterloo and those coming into Riverside depart from London Paddington. Sadly her last corgi died in 2018 but prior to this the Queen has successfully bred corgis at Windsor for many generations.

is there a dress code for windsor castle

You will be asked to place drinks and food in closed bags before being admitted to the Castle. You can purchase bottled water at the Courtyard Shop at the beginning of your visit. During the winter months when there are no queues, the average visitor will take 90 minutes to two hours in the Castle, although the official Windsor Castle website suggest three hours or more. Changing of the Guard happens between 11am and 11.30am also adding to the morning rush. Many of the coach tours will commonly stay until around midday departing after the Changing of the Guard.

Opening times

"Her family will step up and be by her side, but she will carry on," a former palace aide told People. "She understands that she has a job to do, and would have wanted her to crack on. She did do so when he retired from public life." Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth has used Windsor Castle primarily as her weekend home, but she has a royal residence that can be used for any formal responsibilities. The castle also serves as a central location for Royal Household departments and is home to historical artifacts belonging to the royal family.

is there a dress code for windsor castle

As noted by CNN, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to Windsor to commemorate the queen's 90th birthday. The First Couple landed on the greens at Windsor in Marine One, and in her plucky spirit, the queen ventured out onto the grass to greet them. Obama, Michelle, the queen, and Prince Philip all then got into a Range Rover — which Philip drove — and entered the castle through the Sovereign's Entrance. It was quite the sight, especially considering that Obama was in the passenger seat (anyone in the U.S. can tell you that the president always sits in the backseat).


Few people have the option to request what castle they'd prefer to live in, but this was reportedly an area of contention between the Queen, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. As noted by Britannica, Windsor Castle is set on 13 acres of land, situated above the Thames River. The main building is made up of two complexes, also known as courts, that are distanced from each other by the aptly named Round Tower, "a massive circular tower" that can be seen from miles away. The castle and its grounds are surrounded — on the south, east, and north sides — by Home Park, consisting of about 500 acres of land.

is there a dress code for windsor castle

This saw Her Majesty host events for guests, including public figures and politicians as she took up official residence at Windsor Castle for a month. The late monarch also used to live there for a week in June for the Order of the Garter service and Royal Ascot race meeting. Windsor is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and one where she spent a huge amount of time since the pandemic and her husband Prince Philip's death. Her Majesty also lit the principal beacon for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations there before returning to London days later for a final Buckingham Palace balcony appearance to round off the historic weekend. Just four days after her husband passed, Queen Elizabeth returned to royal duties and held a retirement ceremony for Lord Chamberlain at Windsor — while she stayed on the castle's grounds, she went back to her life as a ruler very quickly.

Top things to see and do at Windsor Castle

See more royal residences by browsing the ‘royalty‘ tag, including inside tours of Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, or a look at the many other homes in Windsor in this post. See more archival images of the private apartments on, or read more about the castle’s architectural history, including the building of the wing that houses the apartments on British History‘s archival page here. Until 2018, little else from the private apartments had been seen by the public, but a visit from President Trump provided an opportunity to finally see some more of the space. A photograph of the monarch with the president and the first lady was released to the public, showing the trio stood in an opulent hallway.

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An estimated 27 million people - over half of the UK population at the time - watched the 1953 coronation service on television, while a further 11 million listened to the radio broadcast. He is buried with his third wife, Jane Seymour, who died of childbirth complications less than two weeks after giving birth to their son. Windsor Castle continued to be a favoured royal residence in the 15th century. Under Henry V the Castle hosted a visit from the Holy Roman Emperor in 1417, a huge diplomatic event that stretched the accommodation of the Castle to its limits.

is there a dress code for windsor castle

The first residential apartments were put in around 1110 by Henry I and over the next 100 years the majority of the timber structure was gradually replaced with stone. The original keep was rebuilt as the Round Tower which is located in the centre of the castle grounds. Take some time to explore the rich history and wonderful decoration of this sprawling castle and its grounds. The Queen dazzled in a yellow floral dress during a private audience at Windsor Castle on Wednesday. At WCA, we strive to make academics the primary focus of our students by limiting distractions as much as possible. It is our goal that all WCA students maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and orderly manner consistent with the school uniform dress code.

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