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How To Match Pants With Jackets

blue dress pants with black jacket

Let this be a lesson to you when you pair any blazer and pants. Most stylish men’s blazers have some understated element that you can play up. Grab your everyday white button-down, team it up with formal white pants and throw on a classic, slim-fitted white blazer to complete the look.

That will answer your question about whether the suit and vest have enough contrast. If there’s not enough contrast, option 1, lose the vest, is the clear choice. “But what if I’m not certain,” we hear you thinking (don’t worry, we’re not telepathic, just been at this a while and worked with a boatload of grooms here at Black Lapel). If you’re not certain, whether the vest has enough contrast, it doesn’t. Guys tend to overanalyze this stuff instead of trusting their guts. Whatever you see instantly when you look in the mirror is what everybody else is going to see.

Can You Wear A Black Blazer With Grey Pants

The Charcoal Gray Unsuit, for instance, is classy and, because it’s gray, will balance out the colorful tie and pocket square. Just pair it with a white shirt and either black or dark brown shoes and you’re all set. We aren’t sure about the off-white trousers either. Not because they won’t look good with your light blue dress shirt, but because of your black blazer. Black and white go together, well, like black and white. Things can get tricky once another color is thrown into the mix though.

How about keeping this a two-toned outfit? If you have a white dress shirt , you should pair that with your black blazer and off-white trousers. Then we say yes to the off-white trousers! With a neutral colored item like a cream blazer, you can wear just about any other color you want with it.

Men’s Guide to Matching Pant Shirt Color Combination

As for your other event, you should stick to a similar, classic black tie combination. Again, we recommend black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black bow tie. As for the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. The blazer and the suit are two branches of the same tree, men’s tailored jackets. This depends on your style and also what the occasion is for this outfit.

blue dress pants with black jacket

You can wear any colour shoes, just change your trousers before hand. Pants that are both forest green and burgundy? Navy and black might work in some cases, but the outfit described… unless it is a very pale navy, I really would not be using it for work, and especially not for interviews. Generally though, I agree with Kat’s tips.

Matching and Contrast- Choose the right Colours

Might as well get inspired by some stylish guys who’ve come before you. That means, for better or worse, you’ll want to find a pair that fits you as best as possible before breaking out your wallet to buy. Personally I would wear either a White or Pink shirt with that combo. Having said that, it is useful guide for beginners who are willing to explore the art of dressing up. Not sure if I will ever venture into purple shoes though.

blue dress pants with black jacket

Nope ?? It’s better not to break up a black suit unless you’re wearing the blazer with jeans or chinos. Wearing a black blazer with navy blue pants will just look like you got dressed in the dark, and green pants are just a no-go. If you’re trying to break out and wear suit separates, we recommend you start with a more versatile foundation suit, like gray or navy.

Style Advice for Guys over 40: An Interview With John Galfano of 40 Over Fashion

But more importantly, and we can’t stress this enough, matching your clothes to each other is not what makes you look your best. Matching your clothes to yourself is where it’s at. Wearing colors that complement your own coloring makes you look great and pretty much guarantees that your clothes won’t clash.

blue dress pants with black jacket

Just be careful not to come up with weak contrasts like charcoal gray and black which makes for a muddied look and breaks the rule above, make sure one of the colors stands out. We say, if you wear ties all the time, then mixing in a bow tie sometimes can be fun, but if you’re a student who rarely puts on a shirt and tie, don’t go with a novelty item. Plus, a bow tie with a black jacket will look like you were trying to put together a tuxedo but came up short on parts. You’re better off not wearing an outfit at all, than wearing half of it. Everything else is subject to your personal tastes and appropriateness of your look. Check out the Black Lapel blazers to see all kinds of ways to wear a dark blue jacket with non-matching pants.

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