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How To Wear Blue Blazers With Black Jeans Outfits, Tips

blue jeans with black dress shoes

Look dapper with a combination of a well-fitted sports coat, neutral shirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a pair of dress shoes. You really want to avoid jeans that are distressed and highly embellished. Jeans that have overtly large pockets or even pocket details. Also, try to avoid jeans that have very large pronounced contrast stitching.

blue jeans with black dress shoes

Black shoes always look great with jeans for a flattering and chic style you can wear with casual, smart and business casual outfits. You can style black boots with jeans for a ruggedly handsome look, black dress sneakers are fresh and fashion-forward. Depending on the occasion and desired aesthetic, most guys will choose black trainers, sneakers or suede boots when they want casual shoes to complement their jeans. You can wear black sneakers or oxford shoes with both dark & light blue jeans, depending on the occasion.

How To Wear High-Top Converse Shoes

For example, try them with a blue shirt or jeans and some tan sliders or a brown belt. Men’s formal shoes are not as restrictive as women’s formal shoes. Most men can wear either a tuxedo or a suit with their black jeans. If you wear a suit, you may want to wear patent leather dress shoes or brown oxfords.

blue jeans with black dress shoes

As you’ve now seen, a simple blue blazer and black jeans pairing can be worn with a huge range of other items. When dressing your blazer and jeans outfit up, consider a neutral shirt color such as white, grey, or black. A “warm” color such as pink, red, or orange should do the trick. Ultimately, a blue blazer and black jeans combination is neutral enough to pair well with any of them. Lastly, a pair of espadrille shoes can be worn with your favorite lighter denim pants. If you are off to work & you prefer and demand that your feet feel comfy, you will love these shoes for your office wear.

Formal Shoes With Semi-Formal Black Jeans

Black jeans, much like other black items, are incredibly easy to coordinate. The process of color coordination takes very little thought and effort. Navy shoes will generally look dressier than the shoes in medium shades of blue we described earlier on. Spare feet already struggle with temperature changes throughout the day, so invest in moisture-wicking socks. First of all, it’s an excellent and easy way to give your wardrobe a rocker-inspired kick.

Blue jeans look great when worn with a white shirt and brown shoes in casual settings. To form this outfit, you can start with the blue button up short sleeve jean dress. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of camel strappy open toe heels to look elegant and lean. It is a dark blue gathered waist slightly washed mini jean dress that looks elegant and special. Pair the dress with a small and nifty black leather clutch purse. Wear a pair of mustard yellow high heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Dr. Martens Boots

Well, not every pair of shoes will give you a formal, casual, or semi-formal vibe. If you are looking to go a bit more blue than black and don’t want the impact of wearing all black, then try brown shoes with black jeans. It’s not always the case that a dark shade goes well with the color of your clothing, but this does work. Brown is typically a tad lighter than other colors, so it’s easy for these shades to blend in if you are unsure about going too dark with your attire. The combination of brown and black is also quite common because few people expect anything quite as striking from their outfit as this combination.

blue jeans with black dress shoes

Ideal for gentleman who want to go from casual to fashionable, this classic footwear style will take your denim to the next level. To piece together the right look, you’ll want to combine brown leather or suede chukkas with medium or dark wash blue denim jeans. Put on a white undershirt with a flannel top for a fashionable woodsman look or try a henley and puffer vest for a dapper-casual English countryside style. For more functional footwear, hiking boots and jeans are well-suited for outdoor work.

Dress shoes can mean anything from highly-polished black oxfords to tan brogues or tasseled loafers. You can even include Chelsea boots and chukka boots in the definition. Personally, I’d avoid wearing jeans with dress shoes that sit at the most formal end of the spectrum. But loafers, brogues, and chukka boots will fit into your outfit seamlessly.

Avoid choosing skinny jeans or anything that looks tight around your legs as they will make you look like you're wearing clown shoes. A simple white shirt will look the prettiest for this semi-casual outfit. White sneakers with jeans + a stylish watch will look cool for your date night or any other less formal event. Boat shoes and jeans are a timeless combination in the summer, especially when paired with light denim washes.

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