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How To Wear A Blue Blazer With Grey Pants Outfits, Tips

blue dress pants black blazer

We’re just concerned about the stark contrast between a black jacket and peach-colored sweater, and it might look a little out of place at a summer wedding. A lighter, better color combination with peach is gray. Do you have a light or dark gray jacket you could wear with this outfit instead? If so, we think that will suit you the best. Pink and gray generally complement each other. Black and pink is not as strong of a combination.

blue dress pants black blazer

Here, a pattern can be your friend and using a gray sports coat that contains a pattern, again the classic glen check or Prince of Wales, will enhance your chances of success. It is generally considered acceptable to mix blue blazer with black pants. This is because black and blue are considered to be neutral colors that can be paired together. Additionally, the two colors can help to create a look that is both professional and stylish.

Black Blazer with Beige Pants

If black is the focus, check out our story on how to wear a black suit with style where we show you why not to wear black with strong, saturated colors like orange. If you’re going with jeans, a medium wash blue would look good with a light red blazer. If you’re going with chinos or wool, however, we like light gray for the job.

So I purchased a handsome gray flannel chalk stripe suit. Having this information will greatly enhance my clothing options. Use our Uniform Builder to assemble a CPO SDB uniform from scratch, or select the individual components below to replace worn-out or outdated components or accessories. But try to choose sneakers that look relatively dressy.

Cocktail & Party Dresses

Sounds like you’ve got the makings of a good spring/summer look, Dwayne. We’d go with the gray pants most of the time and wear the blazer with the white pants in the middle of the summer for a change of pace. As for the shirt, we’d suggest counterbalancing the pants.

blue dress pants black blazer

There’s something for everyone, from socks to polka dots. Go for all-white or all-black minimalist leather sneakers. In the right place and at the right time, it can be a great choice. The tie-less look is ideal when you’re dressing for a smart-casual setting. These are events where a tie may come across as too much in any case. I think the photos are chosen just to display the wide range of types of menswear that can benefit from the blue/grey concepts.

thoughts on “A Guide to Matching Men’s Blazers and Pants”

If you need to dress up a bit more, dark to medium blue dress slacks will match. Gray pants might not provide enough contrast and you wouldn’t want to wash out this beautiful blazer of yours. Chinos are definitely a rung lower on the formality ladder than dress slacks. The trick is matching the pants to the formality of the office. If the office is generally a suit and tie place but has a casual Friday policy, then a jacket, dress slacks and a dress shirt without a tie is appropriate. If, on the other hand, the office setting is more casual, then chinos, a jacket and a more relaxed Oxford cloth shirt would work.

blue dress pants black blazer

A pair of solid pants might come off looking boring and safe. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, Ryan Gosling gives men some damn good inspiration. His tuxedo jacket is slightly different than yours, but he’s pulling this look off in that non-conventional way. A black blazer forces you into a bit of a corner. Any colors can look jarring against a black jacket.

However, if you wear dress pants, it is strongly advised that you wear a suit jacket. Khaki will be seen as a contrast to the smooth fabric of a textured jacket. A navy blue blazer and khaki pants are classic examples of a worn suit. An outfit consisting of khaki chinos and a black blazer will look great. When applying for a job, it is required that you wear a matching suit jacket and a suit skirt or pant. When wearing navy blue with black, there is no problem; simply avoid wearing anything else.

Fitting is important so that it does not look like you are wearing a too big or too small size. You are supposed to feel comfortable while moving your hands and sitting and that is how you can determine whether your blazer is tailored to your measurements. To achieve effortlessly stylish looks, pair a black blazer with tan pants. Make black leather derby shoes your go-to footwear for a more refined look at the finish line.

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