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Women'S Blue Dress Shirts & Blue Button Up Shirts

blue dress shirt black jeans

However, if you plan to wear a dress shirt with jeans, you have to follow some basic rules of tucking-in. Tucking your dress shirt ultimately depends on your opinion. If you are going to settle for a long dress shirt, tuck the shirt in. You can never go wrong with the check pattern when it comes to the dress shirt with jeans.

blue dress shirt black jeans

That’s the main reason why the outfit in the image above still works so well. The reason for this is that it’s yet another way of producing some contrast between your top and your bottom. The easiest and most obvious way to do this would be to simply mix light with dark. It’s best to vary the shade of blue so you’ve got some contrast. This half tuck look is also a great way to earn some leeway on length if some of your shirts fall a bit longer than they should. With this look, the back of your shirt can come down to the bottom of your butt without it looking too sloppy.

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For formal events, going with a button-down, flannel, or oxford shirt would be the smarter choice. As for casual, you can go with blue jeans and white t-shirt combination, printed shirts or a turtleneck. Blue jeans and white t-shirt combination brings the focus on the wearer’s stature, highlighting their shoulders and biceps.

blue dress shirt black jeans

Right from the outset, it’s worth noting that blue jeans could never really be “formal”. They’re a staple of casual wear and should really only be worn in casual and smart-casual settings. With dark blue or black jeans, go for white, blue hue or olive green shirts. Or you can also go for the check or stripe pattern shirts here.

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Any longer and it looks sloppy, any shorter and it looks awkward.

blue dress shirt black jeans

It’s good to have multiple pairs of black jeans in a variety of different styles, much like you would with blue jeans. Grey denim is the life savior for the people that are tired of blue and black jeans. To flaunt amazingly, you can go for a navy blue dress shirt with grey jeans. Whether you are opting for casual day wear or the distressed wash, blue jeans are always a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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There are multiple types of denim fabrics available cotton denim, hard denim, and soft denim which you can choose as a shirt. A double pocket with slim pocket style wears with choose print on back shirt and front side print which increased charm of style. You can also wear a floral print or small print shirt with jeans both are considering a casual outfit.

blue dress shirt black jeans

Browse 54,060 black shirt with blue jeans stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. What to wear with blue jeans, then black color always pops up in our mind. Go for a turtleneck black t-shirt and brown belt for a unique touch to the combination. The blue shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes combo is just so hard to go wrong with.

A blue Oxford, linen, or flannel shirt left unbuttoned and layered over an orange T-shirt would look very eye-catching. Definitely one to consider if you’re looking to make more of a statement. Layering is a great way to add a pop of color that isn’t blue into your outfit. This holds true no matter what style of blue shirt you end up going for. In this case, the dark blue and white stripes look amazing.

blue dress shirt black jeans

Try faded jeans with more casual blazers, like a patterned brown or light blue. Round off the look with comfy sneakers of different colors to spice it up. White, blue, black, grey, etc. are many choices in sneakers that would look fantastic with this outfit. Black jeans are something of a fashion statement all on their own, especially in a world dominated by blue denim. Fortunately, there isn’t much that can’t be worn with black jeans, and just about everyone’s personal style can be matched with an outfit using these miracle pants.

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