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What Color Shirt Goes With Black Pants? Pics

blue dress shirt and black pants

For this, you want complimentary colors or a bright contrast. Wearing a dark grey, black, or blue sweater would go well with a steel grey, white, or lighter blue dress shirt. We have lots of sizes, styles, and gorgeous hues of blue shirts to choose from, so stock up today.

blue dress shirt and black pants

Shoes in lighter shades of brown (eg. tan, caramel) look great with pants in these lighter shades of blue. It’s comparably easier to pull of deep brown shoes than a lighter tone. However, light brown shades of shoes also look top-notch if properly done. Maybe I’m just an old guy, but when did it become OK to wear brown shoes with gray or blue pants?

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Checked blue shirt and dark grey trouser is a wise section for your office. Blue pant and a white shirt complete your formal attire. If you’re wearing a pair of light grey pants with a white shirt, consider a pair of shoes in a medium shade of brown such as tan, caramel, or light walnut. Another really sharp look is to wear the dress shirt under something else.

A light mustard shirt will work well with darker navy pants for a contrasting look, while a light mustard shirt will work well with lighter navy pants for a bright, relaxed vibe. When wearing dress shoes, wear a matching belt to really round off the outfit in style. No matter how casual the items you’re wearing are (even jeans/chinos), a blazer combination always looks better with the shirt tucked in. In the same way, a wrinkled blue linen blazer would look strange worn with a pair of pleated black dress pants. Corduroy and Fleece do not give very stark light shades and hence go for dark earthy shades.

Men’s Guide to Matching Pant Shirt Color Combination

Consider wearing a blue shirt and black jeans for an on-trend, casual outfit. Black shoes with grey pants are a combination that pairs naturally. Black leather shoes are considered formal, so wear them with caution in other settings. Adding shined black shoes to a charcoal suit will help you nail your next big meeting. Otherwise, you can dress black shoes down by trying black leather sneakers or loafers with slim grey pants.

blue dress shirt and black pants

Most obvious of all, you can simply pair bright shade colors with bright shade colors or dark shade colors with dark shade. Again it is important to consider the individual's body stature and complexion while making a choice between bright or dark shade colors. To be greeted with favorable attention, avoid loudly colored and strangely patterned shirts to prevent from looking clownish. Since pants provide the foundation for every outfit, they should always appear understated, polished and refined. Of all color blue stands out with unique quality of providing a pleasant impact overall. What color shirt goes with a choice of pants is truly the art of dressing; one must learn the basics of color coordination.

How to Wear a Dress Shirt with Jeans | White, Black, and Button-Up Shirt Recommendations

For more formal events, wear a light blue spread collar shirt with your grey suit. Finish that with a navy tie and brown loafers for a sophisticated modern look. In general, brown leather shades pair well with this color palette, so try mixing in leather bracelets, belts, and shoes where you can. Since brown is a versatile color, it can be paired with many different colors without clashing or looking strange. Brown pants are traditionally worn with black shoes and dark brown shirts, but this does not mean that you have to stick to these two colors all the time. You can experiment by wearing other hues in harmony as long as they do not clash or look odd together on your body type.

Rolling the trousers up will take the look away from military attire and transform your trousers into a more casual get-up. Round off this look with a short light-colored cardigan. Whether you’re doing a formal button-up look or a more casual rolled-up sleeves look, this color combination will make you look stylish yet approachable.

Both of these combinations look quite nice when worn together. White is generally considered an unpleasant color to wear with black, but with the right shade of blue it actually goes very well together. A great way to wear this look is by taking a really rugged Henley shirt and wearing it underneath a dress shirt. For example, try a dark blue short-sleeved Henley shirt underneath a light blue dress shirt or flannel shirt. Roll up both sets of sleeves to the elbows then pair the look with olive colored jeans and some beige or khaki colored ankle boots. A good rule of thumb to follow with this look is to work in color tones for bold pairings.

blue dress shirt and black pants

A blue blazer and black pants combination would usually be appropriate for interviews at workplaces with a business-casual dress code. If a suit would be required to work there, do not wear a blue blazer to the interview. A blue blazer and a pair of black chinos or dress pants would be absolutely fine.

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